Intellectual property services offered by the firm include:

Preparation and Prosecution of Patent Applications:

Members of the firm work closely with inventors to distill their ideas into patent applications. Members also work with client management and/or technology transfer personnel to determine the appropriate scope of an application and to develop a coordinated worldwide prosecution strategy. Prosecution practitioners remain current on significant cases from the Federal Circuit to ensure that the patents are prosecuted in a manner that enhances their scope and enforceability.

Interferences, Appeals and Administrative Remedies:

Members of the firm represent clients in the full range of administrative procedures involved in the reissue or reexamination of patents, as well as in interferences, appeals, and administrative petitions.

Patent Analysis:

Regardless of whether a company's strategic goal is to protect its own development programs and markets, or to enter a market apparently dominated by another, the company should carefully analyze its patents or those held by its competitors and assess how those patents might be used in litigation and/or licensing negotiations.

Freedom to Use Studies and Due Diligence:

Members of the firm assist clients in making strategic corporate decisions by performing analyses to ascertain the nature of potentially impeding patent rights and to develop non-infringement and/or licensing strategies. For clients considering taking an equity stake in or acquiring another company, the intellectual property and licensing agreements of the target company are analyzed for both strengths and weaknesses. Our freedom to use studies assist clients in placing an appropriate value on the target company.

Validity, Enforceability and Infringement Studies:

Analyses to ascertain whether actual or anticipated claims by third parties are valid or could be enforced against our clients. Clients are advised about the threat posed by third-party patents and, where appropriate, provide strategies for avoiding infringement.

Infringement Studies:

Analyses to ascertain whether third parties infringe the claims of issued patents, pending patent applications, or other intellectual property rights owned by our clients. Members of the firm determine whether licensing, negotiation, or litigation best meets the client's strategic corporate goals.

Technology and “Minefield” Studies:

Analyses to determine the status of patents in a particular field to help a client decide whether to acquire rights or conduct research in that field.

Corporate and Institutional Liaison:

Members of the firm counsel corporate and institutional management on a broad spectrum of patent and other intellectual property issues, often as a liaison between research and management or between management and investors. The firm assists clients in formulating research and commercial policies that best fit the client's strategic corporate goals.

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